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About AVL Networks

From 2005-2006 AVL Networks was a "under-the-radar" hosting company providing hosting services to selected company's and individuals. During January of 2007, AVL made a bold decision and decided to open our services for the general public, while at the same time maintaining our standards that have kept us successful throughout the years. This public move makes AVL susceptible to competition with the many fraudulent and 'inhouse hosting companys'. We acknowledge this risk and believe our services will go above and beyond the commonly found "$1.00/Month" or "Unlimited Bandwidth" hosting offers.

AVL has been publicly live since January 1st of 2007. We specialize and provide web hosting, reseller hosting, and VOIP server hosting. All of our services are hosted on dedicated, secure, and powerful servers. All of our equipment is secured with experienced technicians standing by 24x7. With all of these qualities and a first class support team, you can't go wrong. Keep this in mind, were not looking for maximum revenue. Were looking for a good name and satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. One of our sales or support representatives will respond within a 24 hour time frame.

Why Choose Us?

Our main goal here at AVL is to offer all we can to our customers. All of our plans are flexable to suit your hosting needs, not ours. Please don't feel limited to choosing from one of our preset plans. If you need a little more or a little less, simply send us an e-mail. We will respond within a 24 hour timeframe with a price retaining to your needs.

Not sure how much space, bandwidth, or even what plan you need? You can leave it up to our support team to choose a plan for you, or you can select any plan and consult the 'stats' page provided in your control panel. This will tell you exactly how much space and bandwidth you are using. This way, you will not be paying for any excess space or bandwidth (transfer).

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