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System Performance

As our client, you don't need to worry about performance. No corners are cut.

The Latest Software: All of our servers are equipped with the latest STABLE software versions. Everything is set to automatically update to the latest STABLE or RELEASE tree when available. However, this is only the case for trusted applications. All other script & misc. file updates are reviewed before being updated making sure all of our users do not experience downtime or problematic errors. Any update we make to our systems are done at low-peak hours (roughly 2:00AM-3:00AM). This keeps loading latency to a minimum.

The Latest Equipment: All of our servers run on Intel Xeon - Dual Core 3GHZ processors. We keep at least a minimum of 2GB of RAM in each of our servers. If the load exceeds, so does the RAM.

The Latest Technology: Our network IP's are under ping monitors 24x7. If something shuts down, it is automatically issued a reboot command to start right back up giving you minimum downtime. If the program fails to reboot and fails the second ping wave, all of our staff members will immediately have text messages sent to their phones, and e-mails sent to their accounts. So don't worry, we will know. If we are unable to fix the situation remotely, we also have technicians on standby at our data center. They are well experienced and qualified to quickly correct the situation.

The Latest Security: You'll have to take our word on this one. This is one thing we don't publicly share. All of our servers are monitored and observed very carefully around the clock. Any little tweak in performance is reported and observed. Any obscure action is recorded and e-mailed. Too many login attempts on any system are automatically banned and reported. Our security software is kept updated daily, and checked for updates hourly. Important security updates are installed immediately, while less important ones are held off on until low peak hours. This way speed isn't being compromised for unnecessary reasons. We understand that your files are valuable, this is why backup all your files locally, over a private network, to another server with no interaction or connection to the world wide web. Almost all of our administrator actions are performed over a private network, which is unavailable to public traffic.

High Speed-Reliable Network: Our public network runs on a 1000 Mbps upload port, giving you the speed you need. We are provided bandwidth from multiple carries including Internap, Verio, SAVVIS, AboveNet, and Global Crossing. These company's are the best in their field of work, that's why we choose them as our bandwidth provider.