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What Service Do I Need?

What type of content will you be hosting?
Before placing an order, you should know what kind of content you will be hosting. For example, if you are a photographer and plan on hosting large images you should choose a plan with a middle to large bandwidth quota. For an average photographer, with an expected low number of visitors, AVL Level 2 would be the most ideal plan to choose from. For the more publicized photographer, with an expected high number of visitors, AVL Level 3 or AVL Level 4 would be the most logical choice. If you plan on hosting small files, which will only require a low bandwidth plan, AVL Level 1 would be the right choice for you. For those who will only be hosting HTML/PHP/etc content you can also safely choose Level 1. Remember, after you order from us you can always change your hosting plan. Don't feel limited or "sucked into" choosing a specific plan, we can always help you choose.

I want to start my own web hosting business. What reseller plan is best for me?
We offer two reseller plans. These plans were created by averaging how much storage and transfer our current resellers use. We then chose two plans which will best suit starting resellers, and transferring resellers (from other hosting companys). If you are just starting your hosting company, then our Level 1 reseller plan is best for you. After you get close to using your given quota, you can later adjust your plan to your company's growth rate. For current resellers, assuming you have an average to large amount of customers, our Level 2 plan will best suit your needs. If your company exceedes our Level 2 quota limits, you can inquire our support department about a larger plan. We will then gladly work with you to suit your hosting needs.